Frequently asked questions

#1 - How can I pay at Anne Ditte Studio?
I do my best to meet my customers desired means of payment.
I have therefore chosen to focus on the most common and popular payment methods in the world. 
Anne Ditte Studio is verified by VISA and authorised by NETS. 

You can pay with:
PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Dankort,
Visa Electron, Vpay, American express, Diners,
JCB & Bank transfer.

Bank transfer
Please note that this payment option results in longer delivery times due to the transfer times.
When you choose bank transfer as payment in the checkout, you have to transfer the money together with your order number or name.

Reg. No. 7030
Account No. 0002293231
IBAN-No. DK7370300002293231
Swiftadress. SYBKDK22
Pickup & Pay in my studio! 
It is also possible to pick up and pay your order in my studio in Vejle. Please call me in advance, if you choose this option.
+45 40357120
#2 - Are your payment system secure?
Anne Ditte Studio collaborates with one of Denmark's safest web-shop providers, who manages billions of transactions daily.
All payments are treated as encrypted and you can be quite sure, that your payment will be processed safe and secure.
All our payments are 3D secured and SSL encrypted according to the PCI standard, ensuring a safe transaction when shopping at

Anne Ditte Studio can never see your card information.
I will only withdraw the amount you have given me permission to, and reserve it from your account.
First when I ship the order, the amount will be withdrawn from your account.
#3 -  Why does it take longer time before you withdraw the money from my card?
Anne Ditte Studio is registered as a company in Denmark and according to the Danish law,
I am not allowed to withdraw the money from your account before I have shipped the order.

Since I don't always have all products in stock, it can take 2-3 working days before I can ship the order to you.
#4 How much does shipping cost?
Delivery costs 29 DKK in Denmark and Europe.
Shipping to countries outside Europe costs 99 DKK.
You can read more about shipping under the section "All the details" - "Terms of trade, shipping & returning". 
#5 What is VAT? 
According to the Danish law, all products must include VAT, which is a Danish tax.
#6 Do I pay for the Transaction fees?
No! My customers are not paying any transaction fees.
The amount you see in the end of the check out,
is the only amount I will withdraw from your account.
#7 Can you ship the order to a different address than mine?
Yes of course!
Just remember to provide another delivery address on your order in the check-out.
Many costumers use this opportunity to get the package delivered to their workplace, or as a gift to another person.
#8 Can I track my package? (T&T)
Only if you request it. Otherwise the package will be sent without T&T. If the ordered package goes missing during shipping, we will refund the amount or sent a new package.
#9 Can I order art prints in different sizes?
Yes! Please contact for further information.
#10 Do you offer Business to business solutions? (B2B)
Yes! If you wish to buy my artwork for your hotel, apartment complex or restaurant, please sent an email for further information.
#11 What should I do if my order doesn't arrive?
If your order against all expectations has not arrived,
please contact us as soon as possible. 
We can be contacted by e-mail or telephone: 
+45 40357120
#12 How is the paper quality of your art prints?
All art prints are printed on 200g Satin paper, ensuring the poster a beautiful finish and deep colours with attention to the detail.
#13  How is the canvas & paint quality of your artwork?
I only use the best acrylic paint the market has to offer, and I use high quality canvases for all of my paintings.
#14 How should my art prints and paintings be stored?
Paper is a living material that is very sensitive to sunlight and moisture.
I recommend, that you don't store your art prints in a humid environment or in direct sunlight, as this may cause the paper taking in moisture and begin to curl. Keep away from water!
Do not keep your artwork above a radiator or in cold places, as the heat or cold can cause damages to the artwork.

The same rules apply to all paintings and commissioned work on canvas. 

As an alternative, I recommend that you buy a frame at your local frame shop as I only offer frames for customers who can pickup in my studio. 
#15 How do I contact you?
Information regarding general terms of trade, complaints, shipping and returning is directed to:

If you have any other inquiries about my art prints, paintings or commissioned artwork, then please contact me by e-mail or telephone:
+45 40357120
Don’t hesitate to contact me! We will always find a solution.

I also reply messages on my Facebook and Instagram profiles.
Facebook: @AnneDitteStudio
Instagram: @Anne_Ditte