Order your very own custom made & unique artwork

Have you ever thought of having your story told with paint?
Or have you ever wished to have something unique and memorable painted?
Then let me be the artist that paints the artwork of your dreams!
It could be a family portrait, your dog or your children, one of your idols, a superhero or anything that truly means something to you.
You are only limited to your own mind.

I strive to put your thoughts, wishes, ideas and motifs on a canvas, a wall or other objects in such way that you will get a truly unique artwork. I do not copy images or motifs. I combine everything you wish with my own artistic approach and style. Become the sole owner of a custom made and unique painting, which will enrich your home with your own expression and story to tell.
You can see some examples of my previously commissioned artwork above this section. 


It can be quite difficult to calculate an exact price and set a timeline for a specific project, as it depends on what you want me to paint. But you can be quite sure that i won't stop painting until you are satisfied with the end result. I will however keep you updated through the whole project.

Contact me for an offer 

You can either contact me on +45 40357120 or fill out the form on this page and I will contact you within 24 hours and discuss all the details regarding your ideas, wishes and expectations. After this dialogue with you, I will be able to assess the project, calculate an exact price and set a timeline for the project.

I am looking forward hearing from you!