Savage - Painting

12.000 kr

Painting by Anne Ditte

 This artwork is 120x80cm and 2cm deep.
Painting include a certificate.
 Signed on the front and stamped on the back.
High quality canvas and acrylic paint.
 Expressive and immersive artwork.
Modern and minimalistic colours.
 Personal delivery by Anne Ditte. (Only Danish Customers)

You can contact Anne Ditte directly on:
+45 40357120


Savage is part of the collection "Bloody Monday", which I started in 2017.
This artwork represents a women with another womans face painted on her forehead. It symbolizes that human beings often can be complex, and we should be better at seeing things from other perspectives. Seeing things from other perspectives is a necessity to overcome pettiness and narrow mindedness. 

The woman in the picture is not frightened but quite calm. We can see the truth in her eyes, but we can't tell the grief she feels. 
She has a pig hanging around her neck. I chose to paint a pig around her neck, as pigs have less value in our society and culture. At the same time, the pig is not a particularly pretty animal, which gives the artwork a bizarre expression.

Before I started painting "Savage", I had a dream in which a woman appeared with horns. I decided therefor to add horns to her head. It can both symbolise the devil inside her, but it can also symbolise the savage inside every human being. however, we can interpret this artwork as we wish.


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