ROCKSTAR - Painting

10.000 kr

Painting by Anne Ditte

 This artwork is 80x80cm and 2cm deep.
Painting include a certificate.
 Signed on the front and stamped on the back.
High quality canvas and acrylic paint.
 Expressive and immersive artwork.
Modern and minimalistic colours.
 Personal delivery by Anne Ditte. (Only Danish Customers)

You can contact Anne Ditte directly on:
+45 40357120


"Inspired by Benny Andersson's interpretation of ROCKSTAR"

The staring eyes with the distant look. Where an idea becomes a reality. A moment when a whole cascade of images and ideas search together and you suddenly stand with a hand grenade the size of a football, and you have to splash it out before you go insane. 

And the title, "ROCKSTAR", the bare breasts, the loose hair and the intimate eyes, testifies to the fact that she doesn't care what other people think of her. You are alone in this world where mostly people doesn't care about you neither, unless it's in their own interest. Left to the stream of thoughts while time stands still. There's only you and that hand grenade.


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