Goddess of Democracy - Painting

15.000 kr

Painting by Anne Ditte

 This artwork is 100x120cm and 4cm deep.
Painting include a certificate.
 Signed on the front and stamped on the back.
High quality canvas and acrylic paint.
 Expressive and immersive artwork.
Modern and minimalistic colours.
 Personal delivery by Anne Ditte. (Only Danish Customers)

You can contact Anne Ditte directly on:
+45 40357120


The Goddess of Democracy stands for unity of the political system, where the power lies with the majority of the people. The goddess is inbetween the people and the higher powers. The Goddess of democracy makes sure that no injustice and deception occurs in a democratic society. She stands for rights and justice for all human beings no matter what religion, culture, ethnicity or colour they belong.

In a modern understanding, she distinguishes between governance and view of life.
Although democracy means both government and people, disagreements can quickly arise when it comes to "Demos" (the people) and "Kratos" (the power). There are actually 311 meanings of Democracy. A Goddess of democracy is therefor necessary to maintain the balance between the people and the political system.


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