Dreamer - Painting

10.000 kr
Painting by Anne Ditte

This artwork is 70x100 cm. and 2 cm. deep
For further information contact Anne Ditte directly on
+45 40357120


“This painting reflects my sisters condition when she became mentally ill. One important thing I've learned is that you can't expect a mentally ill person to behave properly towards you, when the mentally ill person even can't behave properly towards themselves.

When you lose the sense of reality, you will lose yourself. In my sister's mind, she thought that she wasn't different from the rest of us. She never realized that she had a problem nor that she had lost her mind. My sister thought that everyone around her had a problem, and that we made her life miserable just because we worried about her. 

The voices in her mind became real. She outlived her thoughts by the voices inside her head. Insanity had become her reality and the real world became her fantasy. A "Dreamer" - my sister never opened her eyes. Surrounded by the most beautiful parrots, she remained in her imagination and created her own perception of reality. It makes me sad to confess the fact, that she committed suicide.” - Anne Ditte 

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