Día De Muertos - SOLD

10.000 kr

Painting by Anne Ditte

This artwork is 80x100 cm. and 2 cm. deep
You can contact Anne Ditte directly on
+45 40357120


The original painting "Día De Muertos" is the beginning and the end of my first collection.
It all started back in 2011 when my sister's boyfriend chose to commit suicide. It was a horrible time. I had no words for the feeling running through my body. It really struck my family and me like a thunderbolt from above. My sister was devastated and didn't say a word for a year, and my mother didn't leave her bedroom for months either. I didn’t know what to do. I only knew that I was so infinitely sad on behalf of my family, but also on behalf of his. I knew the suicide had happened after a fight with my sister. 
I wished that I could talk to him just one more time. To speak to him before he made his abominable decision.
He was from Mexico and I couldn't forget about him, even though his name couldn’t be mentioned in fear of the pain it would cause. Many years passed and I couldn't get myself to visit his grave. One day, I decided to visit his grave as it turned out to be the day of the dead - Día de Muertos.
His grave shone bright as far as the eye could see and his grave was covered in an inferno of lights, with beautifully painted skulls, star lights and flowers of various sizes. There was food in a basket and juices in a carafe. I broke down on the spot. Never had I seen anything so beautiful. On the grave stood a picture of him. His eyes revealed that he could have had a bright future. You could easily tell by his grave that he was loved by his family. I went home completely overwhelmed because of the fact, that his family would have given him all the love and happiness in the world, but he chose differently. As I imagined the perfect artwork, yet another death occurred. 

My mother died. 
After my mothers death, I created this art piece which I've called “Día de Muertos” - A tribute to all the people who aren't by our side anymore.
This artwork shows a woman holding a skull in her right hand - Notice the skull as there is a human face inside the skull. The skull in her hand symbolises both life and death and even though some people might have hurt you, you still love them and would give them the world if you could. The women in the picture is naked and exposed because of the fact, that she can't hide the pain and sorrow anymore.” - Anne Ditte

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