Sold to Game of Thrones star

⭐ A special moment in my career as an artist ⭐

It always makes me proud and happy when my artwork finds a new home. Let me tell you about one of those very special moments when I sold the painting “Self-portrait” to Tom W. from Game of Thrones”.

I met a couple of actors from Game of Thrones at an award event in Denmark. They were interested in my art and they even asked me, if it was okay they followed me on Instagram.

It was in relation to this conversation that I ended up selling an artwork to the actor Tom Wlaschiha who stars as “Faceless man Jaqen H’ghar” in the popular TV series Game of Thrones.


Tom saw the painting and couldn’t forget about it. He contacted me after the award event as he wanted to own my artwork. I was speechless and at the same time very proud. 
Tom purchased the painting and I went to Berlin to hand over the painting to him personally. What an honour and experience!

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