325,00 kr.


325,00 kr.

Día De Muertos

575,00 kr.

Witch Faces - Painting 90x120cm

18.000,00 kr.

Savage - Painting 120x80cm

16.000,00 kr.

Perfect Face - Painting 100x120cm

24.500,00 kr.


"The reason my passion often lies in painting nude women, is because of what I have experienced in my life. In life, we get exposed to circumstances that we can’t always control. In art, I aspire to realistically depict human frailty by laying bare my motifs. As humans, we are exposed to each other when we are vulnerable, but also when we are happy. All the women I paint are symbols of everyday life situations where love, happiness, pain, thoughts and feelings seek for reverence and reception. Always stand by your feelings even though it can be hard sometimes. – Anne Ditte

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